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I laughed... I cried... it became a part of me.
Find out what you've been missing.
My husand is also an illustrator- in a much creepier vein. Need a zombie fix? He's your guy.
His art will make you want to throw away your HB pencils, quit art school, and just go into shoe sales like your father told you.
Dark and decadent illustration.
Yummiest illo's on the web- good for what ails ya.
Subtle, elegant, uncontrived photography.
His work is vibrant and unique. Take some time and check out the Oddlings.
A touch of whimsy, melancholy, and funk. Definitely a modern illustrator.
Like humor that makes you uncomfortable and laugh hysterically at the same time?
An artistic voice that is female and uncompromising.
Quiet paintings with an authentic ambience.
It's the stuff that dreams are made of. Cuddly, pointy, sexy dreams. With animals. You heard me.
Graphic, dynamic, and beautifully crafted.


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